Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Happy New Year to all ~
I hope this year is very good and will bring many surprises ... this year better than last

♥ And speaking of last year ... I did a ranking of the very best of 2010!

For me these were the best of 2010 ♥

Let's start with ....

Group has received more awards in 2010 ~


I Do not like before ... but every time q saw some news in the world asiatiko appreciate ...and they received the awards, to their faces appeared on the aircraft o.ó

more Ranki, 2010 Actor

Kim Hyun Joong

because it is not my favorite or anything, but every time I had a ranking of players with the best smile, or the actor to spend Christmas wish I q, q actor to want to watch a football game, etc, etc. .. the first was always location or between the first ~

2010 best-selling Single


Not that Korean place ... but seeing the figures in the Korean singles and such .. this japas BONAMANA sold more than Super Junior ..... and I do not really like but AKB48 Beginner's the only song that I like about them ~

best-selling album of 2010

Miteiru Boku no

According Oricon, this was the biggest selling album of 2010 ~
I will listen and is very good ... I really like one of each, especially the solo TABO ShoO ♥

Now this part of the ranking and takes a little more my personal opinion

2010 Best Actor Lee Seung Gi

One of my favorite actors for their expressions and everything is Nino, but in 2010 I saw this guy in a K-drama and I loved it ... works very well, his voice is great, his gestures are so cute ~ really for me is the actor in 2010

Best Actress 2010

Shin Min Ah

I had seen in "I Love to Kill" with Bi, but in 2010 I see her again in a kdrama and I love her character , his performance was great innocent girl also very funny ~ ♥

Dorama, 2010

My girlfriend is a Gumiho

this year that could , or did not see much drama as before ... but seriously, when I saw this .. I was hooked from the 1st chapter ~ is a story so different and enteredetena I loved and miss her until now since the end

Best Dance 2010

I'll be back - 2pm

I always
~ liked their previous core and dances I've seen in 2010 that I loved I'll be back .. well the song is great

Best Song 2010


is not because they are myfavorite songs .. but I hear the year that was .. the letter is has a meaning that it touches your heart ... I loved it ... and I heard another I had a letter as beautiful as this

Best Single 2010

Do not stop the music - 2NE1

yes, that is the maximum single ~ y the MV very good indeed ...

Best Album 2010

8uppers - Kanjani8

really did, and
The mv is too good, the story also .. have to see


Best Group of 2010

We do not discuss this group ... I always see at the top, their songs are pregajosas are always news.

this is the sad part, O;

2010 CHTML AccidentXC
grade 3 burns Selina Ren

I q I go from good to bad .. but I remembered esq Selina SHE group to be shooting a drama suffered a serious accident to an explosion in a scene and suffered 3rd degree burns and we have not seen pictures of it or anything .. but his relatives said they were better ... I hope this new year is better for her
The 2010 was bad news as good, was a year full of surprises and changes ... I just hope that 2011 is better ♥


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